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Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, my passion for photography started very early in my life. I was about ten years old when I got my first camera. Since then I never stopped creating my own memories captured through the lenses.

Became a professional photographer in 1984 when invited by Pepsi-Cola to be their exclusive photographer for the region, traveling the state to register their events including Brazilian Carnaval, Beach Volleyball and Beauty Contests. Weddings, Family Portraits, School Reunions, Birthday Parties and New Born photography came shortly after my first photos for Pepsi were released to the public.

Moved to United States in 1990 to work as goldsmith at Au Jewelers.
Today as Owner of Au Jewelers I am a full time Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith and absolutely enjoy going to work every day.
As photographer, I love the idea of being able to capture peoples expressions, they're passion, fillings and emotions.

My satisfaction?
Seeing a smile when my costumers look at they're memories recorded in photos.

"Your" expression is what really makes you different from every other face, that is truly beautiful. smile

Nikon FX750 Nikon FX610
Photography Tips DX x FX
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