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2012 Chocolate Tour Hershey


Business events, real state photography, large company  parties and other business presentations.

If you are looking to register memories or make a perfect presentation of your product, we will prepare it for you.

Lacross Tournament 2013  


Outdoor or indoor Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball or even a family reunion day at the park we will register all the best moments.



Indoor at your place or our place we will be able to take our portable lighting and backdrops to fit you needs.

Outdoor at any place of your preference or we can recommend several beautiful locations.

Presentation Videos  


Do you still have your memories on VHS or MiniDV's.
Allow us to transfer and edit to HD DVD format.
Don't let the time destroy the best you have saved from the past.

Our commercial presentation videos are prepared with the best quality available.
Choose from 20 seconds or a full 2 hours presentations.

Nikon FX750 Nikon FX610
Photography Tips DX x FX
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